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We offer gloriosa superba seeds. Gloriosa superba is commonly known as glory lily.The plant has been used in the Indian system of medicine since time immemorial. It’s rhizomes are reported to have been used as a tonic, anti-periodic, anti- helminthic and also against snake bites and scorpion stings.

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We export quality products of

  1. Coconut products
  2. Cuttle Fish Bones
  3. Moringa Seeds and Moringa Products
  4. Karaya Gum
  5. Sesame Seeds
  6. Gloriosa Superba Seeds
  7. Sesame Oil
  8. Coconuts and products like Ball Copra

              and more

Premium quality products are procured from the reliable and trusted
vendors of the industry.

All ingredients used for the processing of these are collected after
checking the defined parameters to ensure the production of fine quality products.

We assure our products are good in quality, purity and delivered at the reasonable rate.

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Gum Karaya (Tragacanth gum) also known as Indian gum tragacanth is a gum exudates from the tree sterculia urens of the sterculiaceae family. This large and bushy deciduous tree is found in the dry deciduous forests of the Indian peninsula. Gum Karaya is an acid polysaccharide composed of the sugars galactose,rhamnose and galacturonic acid.
Gum in water forms colloidal solution and yielding high viscocity. The high viscocity properties of the solutions and the swelling ability of the gum enable its utilisation in different industries in the value added forms viz. , granules and powder. Usage/Applications: Pharmaceutical, Food, Paper, Textiles, Cosmetic Industry. Superior grades in Ice Creams, Inks, Rubber, Linoleum, Oil clothes, Paper coatings, Polishes, Lower Grades in Varnishes etc. Karaya Gum acts as a binder and stabilizer in foods and beverages.
Being a quality oriented company, we are able to present premium grade Karaya Gum for our clients in both domestic and international markets.

CuttleFish Bones: We are one of the leading exporters of cuttlefish bones which are diversely used as decoration items along with other purposes like pet feeds. The bones are rich in calcium, phosphorus and other minerals needed for animals and plants. Procured and dried completely and stored after cleaning from dust and contaminants. We offer in different sizes from 5" - 14" long according to your specifications.. (Trimmed and untrimmed. )

Sesame Oil We offer high quality cold pressed sesame oil rich in nourishing, healing and lubricating. Other than being used as a flavour enhancing cooking oil, it has many beauty benefits and works great for the scalp and hair growth. Sesame oil is enriched with Vitamin E, B complex, and minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Protein that strengthen the hair from the roots and give deep nourishment. Sesame oil is a common component of skin and massage oils, hair care products, cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, and sunscreens. Molecules of sesame seed oil maintain good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).Our oil is having lowest FFA of 1:5 and no chances of foaming during cooking.

Ball copra We offer best quality Ball copra in different sizes according to importers requirements. With minimum moisture content of <0.6%, we can supply any quantity from Tamilnadu,Karnataka and Kerala copras.

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